Statement release in relation to CBIP's flood relief mission in Kelantan


At CBIP, we are committed to fulfilling our roles to improve the social lives of our community through continuous corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) efforts. Our latest CSR initiative involved the provision of assistance to the people in the state of Kelantan, which was hit by the worst flood in the history of the state.


Assembled on short notice with a team of 16 members of the CBIP family, most of which cancelled their personal new year celebration plans to participate in the flood relief mission, our team departed for Kelantan on 31st December 2014 on a 3 days journey, armed with approximately RM50,000 worth of supplies, which comprise of basic necessities namely food, water, clothes, blankets etc. Our team’s first stop was at Gua Musang and the damages were devastating. Debris was scattered everywhere on the roadside, pathways, open grounds and in the worst case, on top of the roofs of houses. Houses were destroyed and swept away up to 100 meters away from the original location and the water marks seen on trees and houses indicate that the water level rose to a terrifying level during the peak of the flood. The scene at Gua Musang left our team speechless, but it also left our team even more determined to give all their all to help the affected community rebuild their lives. Unhindered by the limited cellphone communication and the abundance of mud on the road, our team then began travelling from house to house to distribute the supplies.


Our next stop was Manek Urai, which was hit worse, evident from signs of landslide from either side of the road our team was travelling in. As our team moved in on the area, we witnessed people including children standing on the roadside begging for food and necessities. As access road towards the village was in terrible condition, our team was only able to unload its supplies at Pusat Pembangunan Wanita Cawangan Manek Urai. The overjoyed locals gave a hand in that process and the gratitude that we received spurred us on to continue our mission towards the other parts of Kelantan.

Thereafter, we proceeded to Kuala Krai town, where we witnessed the damages done to bridges and infrastructures as a result of the flood. We unloaded the supplies at Dataran Peladang for later distribution by the village head. In Kuala Krai, we saw the struggles of the community for shelter to rest for the night. Following that, we continued our journey towards Machang as well as Kampung Laut in Tumpat to distribute supplies over the remaining course of our mission. Overall, it was a humbling experience for our team and a reminder that we should always lend a helping hand to the unfortunates.

The situation in Kelantan remains dire, as we believe that there is still a shortage of aids such as food, drinking water, clothing and sanitary products necessary for their survival. Over the long term, infrastructures will need to be rebuilt while improvements in telecommunication and drainage system, among others, need to be done.

CBIP will continue to explore and initiate relief avenues to the community affected by the flood.