Product Assurance

Every single one of our products offers you unsurpassed performance and reliability as they are engineered from years of industry experience and finely honed expertise.

This is a result of the company's emphasis in R&D and intensive training to upgrade the skills of its workers as well as it's policy of investing in better machinery such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC ) lathe machines and high grade raw materials.

Robust construction and expert welding ensure that each component of our equipment performs under the most demanding conditions.


  Core Products  
This new generation sludge centrifuge separator as been specially designed to serve the purpose of reclaiming palm oil present in the sludge water from the clarifying plant. 

SC 3000 & SC 600       NSC8000 & NSC10000

This direct steam injection digester with the capacity from 3000 litres to 5000  litres are suitable for 10 tons to 20 tons screw presses. Its simplicity requires no special tools  CB 3000L, CB 3500L, CB 4000L, CB 4500L & CB 5000L
King Cracker
The revolutionary nut cracker for cracking nuts has consistent high cracking efficiency. Easy and low cost maintenance. No more re-building of ripple plate with welding CB 4T, CB6T & CB 8T


Screw Press
The highly efficient screw press extracts a high volume of crude palm oil from fruitlets with minimum breakage of the nuts. A design borne by many years of experience.  CB 10T/C, CB 15T/C & CB 20T/C





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Other range of products

We have the experience for the design and manufacture of boilers and pressure vessels in accordance to internationally recognized standards.  more



Cage Tipper
Uses a proven and tested hydraulics system to ensure smooth operation and optimum performance at all times.



Steriliser Vessel
Robustly machine welded from high-grade steel plates, CBIP steriliser vessels offer optimum performance in sterilising fresh fruit bunches under steam pressure of 45 psig.



Designed to separate the palm oil fruitlets from the fruit bunches with minimum bruising to the fruitlets to preserve the quality of the end product.



FFB Cages
Custom - designed for heavy duty usage in transferring heavily laden fruit cages within the sterilization station.